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Insurance Commissioner

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Certified Reinsurer

Certification Procedure

In order to obtain certification in West Virginia as a Certified Reinsurer, a Uniform Application checklist for Certified Reinsurers shall be submitted along with any other reasonable requirements deemed necessary for certification by the Commissioner.  Please see Rule 114-40-6 and West Virginia Code §33-4-15a for the applicable law and regulation on certified reinsurers.

The Commissioner shall post notice on the Insurance Department's website upon receipt of any application for certification.  The Commissioner may not take final action on the application until at least thirty (30) days after posting the notice.

Any person who objects to an applicant listed below being licensed as a Certified Reinsurer in West Virginia should address written comments, specifying with reasonable detail the nature of the objection, to the attention of Director of Company Analysis and Examinations, West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner, P.O. Box 50540, Charleston, WV  25305-0540.  Objections are to be received by the response deadline date mentioned below.


Pending Applications
Listing of Certified Reinsurers
CompaniesSecure RatingEffective Date
Hannover Rück SE212/23/2019
Watford Re Ltd.48/1/2020
Arch Reinsurance Ltd.38/1/2020
Chubb European Group SE21/1/2021