Offices of the Insurance Commissioner
Allan L. McVey
Insurance Commissioner
Bail Bondsmen

In 2021, House Bill 2758 (HB 2758) was passed by the Legislature and required the Insurance Commissioner to regulate professional bondsmen; providing definitions; requiring the Insurance Commissioner to promulgate and propose rules to carry out the intent, administration, and enforcement of the article; authorizing the promulgation of emergency rules; requiring the Insurance Commissioner to promulgate and propose rules regarding qualifications of bondsman; setting forth requirements for bondsman applicants; setting forth filing requirements for bondsmen with the Insurance Commissioner; setting forth renewal requirements for bondsman license; providing criminal penalty for false affidavit; requiring Insurance Commissioner to keep a list of licensed bondsmen and furnish to a jail upon request; and, after July 1, 2022, requiring all bondsmen to be licensed by the Insurance Commissioner.

Applications for a two (2) year license will be taken electronically on an application that will be linked from the OIC’s website at www.wvinsurance.gov/Bail_Bondsmen.  Temporary licenses will also be granted in accordance with the guidance set forth below.  There is no electronic application for a temporary license.  To request a temporary license, a bail bondsman must contact the agency at OICBailBondsmen@wv.gov and submit proof or supporting documentation that he or she is currently approved to operate as a bail bondsman in this state.   A bail bondsmen must also include his or her full legal name, resident address, business address, mailing address, e-mail address and telephone number when providing proof of current approval to operate as a bail bondsmen and requesting a temporary license.