Offices of the Insurance Commissioner
Allan L. McVey
Insurance Commissioner
Workers' Compensation Schedule Of Maximum Allowed Medical Reimbursement
Effective: July 1, 2013 Methodology will remain in effect until further notice. HOWEVER, codes become valid for payment upon national release dates and should be updated at that time for proper reimbursement. Codes should NOT be held / denied from date of release until the upcoming July.

Provider Fees: The fee schedule serves as a "maximum allowable" and is applied to all workers' compensation medical care except for care provided under an OIC approved Managed Health Care Plan (MHCP).   Approved MHCP’s are exempt from the maximum fee schedule.  

Please consult individual payor for further guidance for the following:  Codes listed with "0";   Codes not listed; or Issues not addressed by WV law, rule or methodology.   

Disclaimer: The absence or presence of a code does not indicate workers' compensation coverage.

(Revised November 22, 2013)