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Workers' Comp Rules Index

The rules found on the Insurance Commissioner’s website are provided as a public service only. Although this website is regularly updated, the Insurance Commissioner cannot guarantee accuracy or completeness and disclaims all liability for errors and omissions in the contents.  Additionally, the Workers' Comp Rules Index below lists only active, proposed and emergency rules.  The Workers' Comp Rules Index does not include historic rules that have expired, been repealed or disapproved.  The official version of all Insurance Commissioner rules, including both active and historic rules, is maintained by the West Virginia Secretary of State.  You may also contact our office to obtain a copy of a rule that has expired, been repealed or disapproved.  

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Title 85Series 1Claims Management and AdministrationEL§§23-2C-22; 33-2-10(b); 33-2-21(a)11/08/2009 
Title 85Series 2Workers' Compensation Claims IndexEL§§23-2C-22; 33-2-10(b); 33-2-21(a)08/17/2008 
Title 85Series 4Attorney's FeesEL§§23-1-1; 23-1-1(a)(j)(3); 23-2C-21(c)12/01/2005 
Title 85Series 5Permanent Total DisabilityEL§§23-4-6(j)(1); 23-4-16(d)08/01/2005 
Title 85Series 6Workers' Compensation Debt Reduction Fund Assessments and Regulatory SurchargesEL§§23-2C-3(f)(1)-(3); 23-2C-5(c)(2); 23-2C-22; 23-2D-5; 23-2D-6; 33-2-10(b); 33-2-21(a)08/17/2008 
Title 85Series 7Rules for Selected HearingsP§23-2-1708/01/2005 
Title 85Series 8Workers' Compensation Policies, Coverage Issues, and Related TopicsEL§§23-2C-17(b); 23-2C-18(g); 23-2C-22; 33-2-10(b); 33-2-21(a) 09/01/2021 
Title 85Series 9Workers' Compensation Uninsured Employers' Fund EL§§23-2C-5(c)(2); 23-2C-22; 33-2-10(b); 33-2-20(a)11/08/2009 
Title 85Series 10Primary Contractor LiabilityEL§§23-1-1a; 23-2-1d07/01/2005 
Title 85Series 11Employer Default, Enforcement, Collections and Related MattersEL§§23-2C-19(g); 22; 33-2-10(b); 33-2-21(a)05/10/2012 
Title 85Series 12Compromise & Settlement of Workers' Compensation IssuesEL§§23-2C-5(c)(2); 23-2C-22; 33-2-10(b); 33-2-20(a); 23-4-1 et seq; 23-5-1; 23-5-711/15/2019 
Title 85Series 13Procedural Rules for the Industrial CouncilP§§6-9A-3; 23-2C-5; 29A-3-303/10/2022 
Title 85Series 15Vocational and Physical Rehabilitation EL§§23-4-9(b); 23-4-9(e)10/01/2005 
Title 85Series 17Electronic Submittal of Invoices and Receipt of PaymentsEL §§23-1-1(e); 23-2C-5; 23-2C-8; 23-3-507/01/2021 
Title 85Series 18Self Insurance, Self Administration and Third Party AdministratorsEL§§23-2-9; 23-2C-22; 33-2-10(b); 33-2-21(a)08/17/2008 
Title 85Series 19Self Insurance Risk PoolsEL§§23-2-9(e); 23-2C-2(p); 23-2C-2(q); 23-2C-22; 33-2-10(b); 33-2-21(a)11/21/2008 
Title 85Series 20Medical Management of Claims, Guidelines for Impairment Evaluations, Evidence, and Ratings, and Ranges of Permanent Partial Disability AwardsEL§23-4-3b(b)01/20/2006 
Title 85Series 21Managed Health Care Plans EL§23-4-3(b)(2) 08/01/2005 
Title 85Series 26Health Care Advisory PanelEL§§6-9A-3, 23-1-1a(j)(3), 23-4-1 et seq; 29A-3-307/01/2005 
Title 85Series 27Qualified Rehabilitation ProviderEL§§23-1-1; 23-1-1a(j)10/01/2005 
Title 85Series 28Rules for Health Care Vendor HearingsEL§§23-4-3; 23-4-3c07/01/2005 
Title 85Series 31Professional Employer OrganizationsEL§§23-2C-22; 33-2-10(b); 33-2-21(a); 33-46A-711/21/2008 
Title 85Series 32State Agency Revocation or Refusal to Grant, Issue or Renew Contracts, Licenses, Permits, Certificates or Other Authority to Conduct a Trade, Profession or Business to or with an Employing Unit in Default of its Workers' Compensation ObligationsEL§§23-1-1b(g)(16); 23-2C-15(d); 23-2C-19(e)11/08/2009 
Board of Review
Title 102Series 1Rules of Practice and Procedure and Litigation of ProtestsP§23-5-11a(j); §23-5-11a(m)07/01/22