Offices of the Insurance Commissioner
James A. Dodrill
Insurance Commissioner
Information about Insurance Bulletins

Insurance Bulletins will be issued when the Commissioner renders a formal opinion, guidance or expectations on a matter or issue, explains how new statutes and rules will be implemented or applied, or advises of the Commissioner's interpretation or application of an existing statute or rule.

Insurance Bulletins
NumberDescriptionPDFSort by ValueSorted By Sort by Value In Descending Order
20 - 16Initial Compensability Determinations on Ambiguous Claims16.0
20 - 15COVID-19 Testing at Nursing Homes15.0
20 - 14At-Home COVID-19 Testing Kits14.0
20 - 13Summary of 2020 Legislation13.0
20 - 12Insurance Scoring12.0
20 - 11Insurance Premium Taxes and Surcharges11.0
20 - 10Loss of Health Insurance by Furloughed Workers10.0
20 - 09Application Fee for Pharmacy Benefit Managers9.0
20 - 08Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Business Interruption Insurance8.0
20 - 07Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Regulatory Guidance7.0
20 - 06aCoronavirus (COVID-19) – Rescinding Temporary Producer Licensing6.0
20 - 05Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Drug Prescriptions5.0
20 - 04aContinuity of Operations, Preparedness, Risk Management Plans and Coronavirus (COVID-19)4.0
20 - 03Coverage for Telehealth Services and Coronavirus (COVID-19)3.0
20 - 02Rebating; Value-Added Products and Services2.0
20 - 01Coronavirus (COVID-19) 1.0