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Insurance Commissioner
Life & Health
Health Insurance Filing Dates for 2023 Forms, Binders and Rates

Following are the tenative filing dates for 2023:

Forms and Binders due May 10,2022

Rates due June 27,2022

If you have any questions, please contact the Rate & Forms Division at (304) 558-2094.

New Information for Health Benefit Plan Filings 4/22/2022

Access Plan

Pursuant to W.Va. Code St. Rules 114-100-4.5, all health benefit plans and marketing materials of a health carrier must clearly disclose the existence and availability of an Access Plan.  A health carrier's disclosure should use language substantially similar to the following disclosure:

You may view the Access Plan required by Health Benefit Plan Network Access and Adequacy Act online at {insert URL}. You may also contact us at {insert phone number} to request a copy.

Pharmacy Benefit Manager

All health benefit plan filings need to include the name of the Pharmacy Benefit Manager that the health plan contracts with for services.  This information should be noted in the Actuarial Memorandum.

Electronic Public Access to Insurance Company Filings

Insurance company filing are now available to the public through the SERFF Filing Access (SFA) website. Through the SFA, you can view filing conveniently from your home, office or anywhere you have access to a computer. There is no charge associated with this method.