Offices of the Insurance Commissioner
Allan L. McVey
Insurance Commissioner
How to Prepare for a Loss

A loss to your home can include theft, fire, water, storm or tree damage.  You will want to be prepared in the event of a loss and to ensure you have adequate coverage in place to cover potential losses.  The following steps can help both you and your insurance company navigate your homeowners claim.

   - Take photographs of each room in you house. Date the photographs and give them to your insurance agent or a neighbor. Do not keep them in your house, because they may get destroyed as a result of damage. 

   - Make copies of sales receipts for all major items purchased for the home, such as a television, stereo, cameras, etc. We recommend that you make a complete inventory of all contents of your home or apartment that you may need to replace in the event of a claim. 

   - Keep a list or inventory of serial numbers of all "theft prone items" such as firearms, electronics, jewelry, etc. Most insurance companies will gladly furnish you with an inventory form. Pictures of all items will also be helpful.


Why this is important?

First, it gives you and your insurance company proof of purchase and documentation of contents that may be covered under your policy.
Second, a damage claim is a stressful time. Rarely do you remember all the items in your home. This process and documentation helps and ensures you do not forget what you may need to replace. You may be surprised by how much your contents add up to in dollars!