Offices of the Insurance Commissioner
James A. Dodrill
Insurance Commissioner
Permanent Total Disability Review Board (PTDRB)

When a claim is reopened for permanent total disability consideration or a permanent total disability issue in litigation is remanded to the PTDRB for further evaluation, it is the carrier/self-insured Employer/TPA’s responsibility to obtain current medical information, and prepare the claim for review by the Permanent Total Disability Review Board (PTDRB). W.Va. Code § 23-4-6(j)(1) and  CSR §85-5-3.7.

Claims Services is responsible for providing support to the PTDRB in its consideration of claims for permanent total disability. Support includes the receipt and tracking of requests for review, insuring that all required information is included with the request, scheduling the claims for review, issuing related correspondence, communication with pertinent parties, and reviewing PTDRB invoices for payment approval.