WV 150th
State Agency Workers’ Compensation Plan

The West Virginia state agencies, boards and commissions have been combined under one workers' compensation policy covering all state employees.  Specific policy information is provided below. 

Enabling Statute - WV Code §33-2-21a

Member Listing - SAWC Members

Workplace Posting Notice - Posting Notice

SAWC Safety Policy Statement - SAWC Safety Policy Statement



SAVE THE DATE - SAWC Program Conference will be held at the Marriott Town Center in Charleston, WV on September 10, 2014 from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. There is no cost to attend. Additional conference and registration information will be provided nearer to the event date.

 SAWC Return to Work Guidelines

 Please notify the West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner immediately if your agency has a location change or if agency contact information changes.

  Claim Forms are now available and effective on February 1, 2012.

Safety Inspections are now being conducted by Zurich Insurance and their business partner,  A. J. Gallagher.  Each participant will be required to participate in a safety inspection.

 CLAIMS REPORTING - All injuries should be reported to Zurich Insurance within 24 hours of the injury but no later than 5 days.

 SAWC Program Manager Introduction

SAWC Participation Agreement

 Community Work Experience Program (CWEP) Notice

PY2013 SAWC 1st Quarter Update

PY2013 SAWC 2nd Quarter Update

PY2012 SAWC 1st Quarter Update

PY2012 SAWC 2nd Quarter Update

PY2012 SAWC 3rd Quarter Update

PY2012 SAWC 4th Quarter Update

PY2011 SAWC 1st Quarter Update

 PY2011 SAWC 2nd Quarter Update

 PY2011 SAWC 3rd Quarter Update  



Contact Information
Email Inquiry -          SAWC@wvinsurance.gov

Program Manager -   Tom Judy
Policy Inquiries          304-558-6279 ext. 1127

Claims Questions -
   Tonya Montez
                                   304-558-1966 ext. 3132

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