WV 150th

As of January 1, 2006, a host of new regulatory duties were transferred to the Offices of the Insurance Commissioner from the former Workers’ Compensation Commission.  The Revenue Recovery Division performs several functions relative to those duties including recovery of pre-December 1, 2005 workers’ compensation premium taxes, and the collection of fines assessed against uninsured employers. 


Revenue Recovery is responsible for the collection of all monies due to the Old Fund, collection of fines imposed on employers when the workers’ compensation coverage has been cancelled and collection from the employer monies due to the Uninsured Employer’s Fund for workers’ compensation claim the state may pay on behalf of an uninsured employer.  The unit contacts employers who have defaulted on their workers’ compensation premium payments, and takes action against employers who do not pay.  Those actions include placement of employers on the Employer Violator System (EVS) and the Defaulted Employer Database, and the filing of liens against companies, owners and officers. The Division will seek injunctions to close the business of an employer who fails to pay for workers’ compensation insurance, as well as make determinations on whether an employer was out of business or did not have employees when the workers’ compensation coverage was cancelled. They work in conjunction with other state agencies to request license revocation of any state-issued license of certificates that the non-paying employer may have.  This Division works closely with the Insurance Commission’s Regulatory Compliance Division and with the Employer Coverage Division to verify employers who are operating without workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

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