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The West Virginia Legislature passed House Bill 4004 establishing the Fraud Division during the 2004 legislative session. It authorizes the investigation of suspected violations of the Insurance Code relating to fraud as well as requires the reporting of suspected insurance fraud by licensees, and encourages reporting by others.

The Fraud Unit is under the direction of the Inspector General, Gary N. Griffith, who was the former Deputy Superintendent of the West Virginia State Police. After retiring from the WV State Police, Inspector General Griffith served as Director of the State Tax Departments Criminal Investigations Division before coming to the Offices of the Insurance Commissioner in 2004 to set up and organize at the time, a newly created Fraud Division. Since 2004, investigators have been geographically located through out the state of West Virginia in order to respond more quickly to reported insurance fraud. Currently there are over twenty-one (21) field investigators located in different areas of the state.

Fraud is a crime that infiltrates every type of insurance and makes victims of all consumers by inflating premiums and increasing the cost of buying goods and services. An Insurance Fraud Referral Form can be located under the “forms” section of this website and may be completed and submitted via the internet.
To contact the Fraud Division please call 304-558-5241 or toll free 1-800-779-6853.


Please send correspondence to the address at the bottom of your screen:

West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner
Fraud Division
One Players Club Drive
P.O. Box 2901
Charleston, WV 25330-2901
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